Mike Fulton has been involved with web design & programming since before most people had ever even heard of the internet.  His first web pages went up in late 1993, and his first complete website soon after in early 1994.

Since then, Mike Fulton has been involved in creating and maintaining web pages and complete websites for a variety of companies, including Sony Computer Entertainment America, Atari Corporation, VM Labs, and others.

Mike Fulton has experience with all aspects of web design, including:

  • Direct coding of HTML
  • Flash Animation
  • PHP Server-side scripting
  • Javascript Client-side scripting
  • MySQL Database
  • WordPress site creation, with custom themes and plugins.

Whatever your website requirements may be, Mike Fulton Consulting is prepared to create a site that will get the job done.

For examples of our work, please view any of the websites shown here.